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Yoga with Limor


My background was always in body work and the physical, but I always wanted a more emotional and spiritual connection. Through yoga I found access to my own truth and emotions. Now I teach yoga so I can help others find their own truth and provide a safe space and support so they are able to do internal work - to learn or allow themselves to be in touch with their emotions, knowing they already have all they need within and to trust it. 


I actually learned to observe and listen to the signs my body sent (including pain), and instead of “ trying to fix it," give it a space, be patient and trust that you can actually heal yourself a lot just by being aware. I used those signs to grow spiritually as I became a student of my body. Part of it is to do less, unwind some areas and some is to be aware to weak areas, or blind spots and work there.

My Specialties



Through creative vinyasa sequencing, conscious alignment, breath awareness, meditation and relaxation, we honor yoga’s powerful and transformative  lineage. Every class begins with breath-centered,
gentle warm-ups, creative standing pose sequences, gentle heart opening backbends, cleansing twists,
hip openers along with mind-expanding meditation. 
The class culminates in blissful relaxation, leaving
you feeling happy and free.


This class is suitable for all levels.



In this class, I integrate variety of methods including pilates, Pelvic Floor Yoga™, Yoga Tune Up® and corrective movement and posture, We use therapeutic balls, core balls, rubber bands and other props so you can better understand and feel each movement/exercise. This class is designed to integrate your core muscles, strength, flexibility, alignment and awareness in a very gentle approach.

This class is a good foundation for
any type of workout, including yoga,
running, cycling, weightlifting and more.


Restore the body, mind and spirit through this gentle,
supported practice. Move consciously through postures that are held for longer periods of time using props (blankets, blocks, straps) for support.

This class is suitable for all levels.

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